Mario Pinball Land

Release date : Aug 26, 2004 ( 19 years ago )

Jumping has always helped Mario perform heroic feats, but in Mario Pinball Land, the plumber must learn how to roll to rescue the princess. When Bowser kidnaps Peach and escapes to another dimension, a scientist transforms Mario into a ball to chase after the fiend. Now you must use your flippers to shoot a much rounder Mario into doors that lead to new areas. In his new form, Mario is also useful for knocking down enemies, picking up special bonuses, and finding power-ups.

Mario Pinball Land
Platforms :
Game Boy Advance Wii U
Theme :
Genre :
Sport Pinball Adventure Arcade
Keyword :
ghosts fantasy pinball princess spin-off ball high score star turtle switch
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Alternative name :
Super Mario Ball (European title)

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