Super Mario Bros. 3

Release date : Feb 12, 1990 ( 33 years ago )

Having returned peace to Mushroom World, Mario and Luigi decide to take a leisurely vacation with Princess Peach. They set out for Yoshi’s Island in the magical island nation of Dinosaur Land far to the south. But soon after arriving on the island, Princess Peach suddenly disappears. As Mario and Luigi desperately search for her, they discover a strange egg on the outskirts of the island. Then, before their very eyes, an odd little dragon hatches! The dragon calls himself Yoshi and says, "Monstrous turtles recently appeared here in this Dinosaur Land. They have used magic to seal my friends inside eggs. I tried to help them, but the turtles are incredibly strong and cast a spell on me, too… Will you please come with me to rescue my friends?" What can this mean? Apparently, Bowser hasn’t learned his lesson, so it appears that his minions have yet again kidnapped Princess Peach. Mario and Luigi begin another adventure in hopes of rescuing Yoshi’s pals and Princess Peach!

Super Mario Bros. 3
Platforms :
Wii Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Nintendo 3DS Wii U Family Computer
Theme :
Action Fantasy
Genre :
Platform Adventure
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Keyword :
ghosts minigames mario characters death remake compilation flight water multiple protagonists overworld
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Alternative name :
SMB 3 (Acronym) Mario 3 (Abbreviation) スーパーマリオブラザーズ3 (Japanese title - original) SMB3 (Acronym) Super Mario Brothers 3 (Japanese title - translated) マリオ3 (Japanese title - abbreviation)

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