Mario Party-e

Release date : Feb 18, 2003 ( 21 years ago )

Mario Party-e is a board game for the Game Boy Advance that uses the e-Reader accessory. It comes with 64 cards, a playboard, and an instruction booklet. Games consist of one player or multi-player duels, and include the likes of Cast Away Mario (which has you attempting to catch the correct fish), Balloon Burst (a remake of Hot Potato) and Daisy's Rodeo, where you must press the right buttons in time to keep Daisy from falling off of the bucking Bowser.

Mario Party-e
Platforms :
Game Boy Advance
Theme :
Action Party
Genre :
Puzzle Arcade
Keyword :
ghosts minigames princess high score star turtle party games coin minigame collection goomba
Alternative name :
Mario Pati - e (Japanese title)

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