Final Fantasy X-2

Release date : Mar 13, 2003 ( 20 years ago )

The game takes place in Spira during the Eternal Calm, two years after Final Fantasy X. It continues the story of Yuna, who has become a sphere hunter and a member of the sphere hunting group, the Gullwings, with Rikku and Paine. Yuna hunts for spheres to find clues about a mysterious man who looks like her lost love Tidus. However, she becomes entangled in political turmoil the Gullwings must resolve to prevent a war, uncovering a plot to destroy Spira with a secret weapon from its ancient past.

Final Fantasy X-2
Platforms :
PlayStation 2
Theme :
Fantasy Science fiction
Genre :
Role-playing (RPG) Adventure
Keyword :
asian style souls magic sword grinding minigames fantasy health ultima turn-based
Website :
Alternative name :
FFX2 (Acronym) Final Fantasy 10-2 (Alternative spelling) Final Fantasy X-2 International (Alternative spelling) Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission (Alternative spelling) Final Fantasy 10-2 International + Last Mission (Alternative spelling) FF10-2 (Alternative spelling) FINAL FANTASY X-2 (Stylized title)

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