Release date : Mar 29, 1999 ( 23 years ago )

StarCraft is a strategic game set in a Galaxy far away on multiple planets. It's style and balance between the three antagonistic species it features is unique and appealed to millions.

Platforms :
PC (Microsoft Windows) Mac
Theme :
Science fiction
Genre :
Real Time Strategy (RTS) Strategy
Keyword :
aliens assassin robot tower defense blood mech space station health construction rts
Website :
Alternative name :
SC (Acronym) 星际争霸 (Chinese title) 星际 (Acronym) 星海爭霸 (Chinese title) スタークラフト (Japanese title) StarCraft 64 (N64 Version title) 스타크래프트 (Korean title) SC (Other Alias) StarCraft 64 (Other Alias)

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