Halo: Combat Evolved

Release date : Sep 30, 2003 ( 19 years ago )

After the fall of Reach, The Pillar of Autumn, the only surviving human ship, makes a random slip-space jump away from the planet, so as not to lead the Covenant to Earth. When the Autumn drops out of slip-space, they find themselves next to a large, artificial, ring-world. A Covenant fleet hiding behind the adjacent planet engages the Autumn, the biologically augmented super-soldier John 117, or the Master Chief, is taken out of cryostasis. He proceeds to the bridge while fighting hordes of boarding Covenant forces. The Master Chief retrieves the ship-board AI (Artificial Intelligence) Cortana from the Captain of the vessel, Captain Keyes. The Chief and Cortana board an escape craft and begin to drop towards the surface of the ring-world. The Chief is the only one in his escape pod to survive the impact, and sneaks away from the crash site. After gathering all the survivors from the Autumn, the Chief makes an attack run on a Covenant ship in order to save Captain Keyes. Keyes tells the Chief and Cortana that the Covenant call this world Halo. Cortana realizes that it has

Halo: Combat Evolved
Platforms :
PC (Microsoft Windows) Xbox Xbox 360 Mac
Theme :
Action Science fiction
Genre :
Game engine :
Blam! Engine
Keyword :
aliens vehicular combat blood health plasma rifle first person shooter fps death military robots
Website :
halo.wikia.com www.halowaypoint.com en.wikipedia.org
Alternative name :
Halo CE (Acronym) 光晕:战斗进化 (Chinese title) Halo: Kampf um die Zukunft (German title) Halo: El Combate ha Evolucionado (Spanish title) ヘイロー (Japanese title) Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (Other) Halo CE HD (Other) Halo HD (Other) Halo CEA (Other) Halo: CE (Other Alias) Halo (Other Alias) Halo 1 (Other Alias) Halo: Custom Edition (Other Alias)

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