Imagine Earth

Release date : May 25, 2021 ( 3 years ago )

In Imagine Earth, players must protect and nurture a fledgeling space colony while wrestling against the forces of corporate greed and climate change. Establish trade, research new technologies, form alliances and wage economic warfare in a real-time battle for galactic survival. Features: Boldly Go: Imagine Earth is a real-time planet simulation and a build up strategy game. Your job as a space colony manager is to explore distant planets, build up profitable colonies, and trade resources into space. Many ways to play: A multi-planet story campaign, ‘competition’ mode with five enemy factions, ‘free play mode with endless procedurally generated challenges, and a Planet Editor with custom building and terraforming. Hold the line: Use tower defence mechanics to protect your colony from invading aliens, marauding space pirates, and swarms of locusts. Hostile takeover: Form alliances with other colonies and intergalactic traders, or wage crafty economic warfare to secure total financial dominance for your planet. Carbon footprint: Earth has been destroyed by an ecological collapse - will your new home go the same way? Keep your worldwide emissions to a minimum, or else suffer rising sea levels, freak weather events, and more.

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