Pinochle HD

Release date : Sep 13, 2010 ( 13 years ago )

The classic thrills of Pinochle burst onto the iPhone and iPod Touch with Pinochle HD! Download this digital update of the classic card game NOW to get your hands on the complete versions of both single-deck and double-deck Pinochle for endless fun on the go! Entertain your brain and rediscover the timeless appeal of Pinochle with Pinochle HD. With full Game Center integration, Pinochle HD allows users to play Online matches against random opponents as well as invite friends to a match! Play with 4 people or 2 in ether cooperative or versus modes. Pinochle HD also includes full Leaderboard and Achievement support. Developed as the highest quality Pinochle adaptation available on the Apple App Store, Pinochle HD caters to all players. Detailed instructions and interactive hints at every stage of play are provided for novices while experienced Pinochle veterans can simply pump up Pinochle HD’s adjustable difficulty settings – three separate difficulty settings are available to choose from -- or play against tough live opponents through the Peer to Peer gaming options included within the game. Developed to bring the authentic Pinochle experience into the digital age, Pinochle HD allows users to play from any Apple mobile platform, play Online via Game Center and review game play with recorded match statistics and hand histories. Pick up your mobile device and discover—or rediscover—the time tested joys and challenges of Pinochle today with Pinochle HD! App Features: - 3 unique difficulty settings (Easy, Medium, & Hard). - Single player game mode. - Support for both Single Deck and Double Deck Pinochle. - Multi-Player game-play on the device - Peer-to-Peer game-play via Bluetooth. - Online games via Game Center - Complete game statistics for all matches. - 6 unique background/ layout choices. - Full instructions for new players - Extensive hints at all stages of game-play and in-game ‘Explain’ option for novice users.

Pinochle HD
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