Grand Theft Auto IV

Release date : Dec 02, 2008 ( 15 years ago )

Grand Theft Auto IV follows the story of Niko Bellic, a veteran of an unnamed war in Eastern Europe, who is haunted by the betrayal of his 15 man army unit. Ten years later, after a smuggling run goes bad due to a betrayal from a partner, Niko leaves Eastern Europe[23] to escape the anger of his employer, Ray Bulgarin. After six months in the merchant navy (serving aboard the cargo ship the Platypus), and believing the stories of his cousin Roman, Niko comes to Liberty City to pursue the American Dream as well as searching for the traitor of his unit. After his arrival, however, Niko quickly learns that Roman's tales of riches and luxury were lies concealing struggles with gambling debts and loansharks, and that Roman lives in a dirty apartment rather than a mansion.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Platforms :
PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
Theme :
Action Open world
Genre :
Shooter Racing Adventure
Game engine :
Keyword :
you get to be evil! crime-life helicopter pool motorcycle exploration fighting violence blood cars
Website :
Alternative name :
Grand Theft Auto 4 (Alternative title) The Lost and Damned (Other Alias) The Ballad of Gay Tony (Other Alias) GTAIV (Acronym) TLAD (Other Alias) TBoGT (Other Alias) GTA IV (Acronym) GTA4 (Acronym) GTA 4 (Acronym)

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