Shiro to Kuro no Alice

Release date : Jun 08, 2017 ( 6 years ago )

Our story centers around 2 twin sisters, Airi and Luna. Luna lives in the Black World ruling over it as the queen while Airi lives in the White World, aka on earth. Due to Luna unable to contain her “Alice” powers the 2 of them are swapped in order to keep the Black World from collapsing.

Shiro to Kuro no Alice
Platforms :
PlayStation Vita
Theme :
Drama Romance
Genre :
Adventure Visual Novel
Keyword :
multiple endings otome
Website :
Alternative name :
白と黒のアリス (Japanese title - original) Shiro to Kuro no Alice (Japanese title - romanization) Black and White Alice (Japanese title - translated) 白と黒のアリス for Nintendo Switch 限定版 (Alternative title)

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