Paranormal Syndrome

Release date : Oct 23, 2011 ( 12 years ago )

Paranormal Syndrome is a psychological horror game created with RPG Maker 2000 by Yuuyami no Kisetsu (Season of Twilight) and translated by Tosiaki7. The story involves around four paranormal syndromes, each of them representing a Japanese urban legend such as: Hitori Kakurenbo (One man hide and seek), Kune-kune, Saru Yume (Monkey dream), Noh Mask.

Paranormal Syndrome
Platforms :
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Theme :
Genre :
Game engine :
RPG Maker 2000
Keyword :
adventure horror urban legends
Website :
Alternative name :
怪異症候群 (Japanese title - original) Kaii Shoukougun (Japanese title - romanization)

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