Hugo: Black Diamond Fever

Release date : 2001 ( 14 hours from now )

Hugo: Black Diamond Fever is a 3D platform game in the Hugo series that was developed by ITE Media and published by Electronic Arts in 2001 for the PC and PlayStation. The evil Scylla is back and this time has found a way to make herself the most powerful witch of all time and take over the world. For this, she requires very rare black diamonds, which are to be found on the jungle island where the Kikurians live. She takes them all prisoner and forces them to work day and night in search of black diamonds. The elder King Kikurian asks Hugo the troll to liberate the slaves and stop Scylla's plot before it is too late. When Fernando arrives a letter from King Kikurian, Hugo reads it, but finds poor King Kikurian imprisoned in a cell and unable to help his people, and has absolutely no time to waste. Can Hugo free all the slaves and stop Scylla's plot?

Hugo: Black Diamond Fever
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