Hakurei Frontier Spell Strive

Release date : Oct 22, 2022 ( 1 year ago )

The story mode for solo play is a high-volume mode where the objective is to survive a set number of days. The key to the strategy is to strengthen your deck with cards collected in CPU battles.

Hakurei Frontier Spell Strive
Platforms :
Web browser
Theme :
Genre :
Strategy Indie Card & Board Game
Keyword :
hell vampire magic sword moon japanese versus frog ufo chicken
Website :
sitappa.com twitter.com discord.gg www.twitch.tv
Alternative name :
Hakurei Frontier SS (Alternative title) ハクレイフロンティアSS (Japanese title - original) ハクレイフロンティアSpell Strive (Japanese title - original) HAKUREI FRONTIER Spell Strive (Stylized title) ハクフロ (Japanese title - abbreviation) ハクフロSS (Japanese title - abbreviation) HakuFro (Abbreviation) HakuFro SS (Abbreviation)

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