Mario Strikers Charged

Release date : Jul 30, 2007 ( 15 years ago )

Mario Strikers Charged is a Mario soccer Wii game and the sequel to the Nintendo GameCube game Super Mario Strikers. Up to four players can participate in this game as play soccer, attempting to kick the ball into another opponent's goal. The soccer in this game, however, has several differences than the real soccer, such as the ability to tackle other players with a minimal penalty, using Mario-themed items to give players an advantage over their opponents, and playing with stage hazards effectively. This game places a higher emphasis on individual character attributes compared to its precedent, by not only assigning stats, but by also giving team captains a unique Super Ability and the Mega Strike, an opportunity to score up to six goals. Another introduced mechanic is the power level of the ball: indicated by the color of the glow, the shots of the ball become more quick and powerful the more active it is, thus making it easier to score goals with.

Mario Strikers Charged
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Wii Wii U
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ghosts soccer fantasy sports undead princess spin-off draw high score yoshi
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Mario Strikers Charged Football (European title) Super Mario Strikers 2 (Other) Mario Power Soccer (Other) マリオストライカーズ チャージド (Japanese title - original) Mario Sutoraikazu Chajido (Japanese title - romanization) 마리오 파워 사커 (Korean title) Mario Strikers Charged Football (Other Alias)

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