Release date : Oct 30, 1995 ( 27 years ago )

The evil Mr. Dark steals the Great Protoon and defeats Betilla the Fairy. The Electoons are scattered around the world and Rayman must find them and defeat Mr. Dark. The Magician helps out Rayman during the journey by offering special minigames. Tings are collected for extra lives and new powers are earned, such as using Fists and The Helicopter.

Platforms :
PlayStation PlayStation 3 Sega Saturn PlayStation Portable PlayStation Vita
Theme :
Genre :
Platform Adventure
Keyword :
lollipop side scroller fantasy mascot guitar fire drums bridge rainbow side-scrolling
Website :
raymanzone.ubi.com en.wikipedia.org raymanpc.com
Alternative name :
Rayman PlayStation (Alternative title) Rayman Saturn (Alternative title) 雷曼 (Chinese title - simplified) レイマン (Japanese title - original)

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