Sonic Classic

Release date : Oct 01, 2011 ( 11 years ago )

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic is a fan game by Hez. It began as an offshoot of his earlier fan game Sonic 1 PC, with a variety of new levels. The game will allow users to play as three characters—Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles—and possibly a custom character of their own. The game features elements from the classic Mega Drive games, as well as new gimmicks. The game currently uses the MMF engine for Windows and has had three releases, with the latest revision (see Downloads) fixing some issues reported by players of the previous version. Moreover, it is Sonic Retro currently being converted to a hack for the Mega Drive by StephenUK. Finally, a few months after releasing the game, Hez Sonic Retro announced that he had started working on its sequel Sonic Classic 2, whose features include various new power-ups and level elements and a complete original soundtrack by Karl Brueggemann.

Sonic Classic
Platforms :
PC (Microsoft Windows)
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Game engine :
Multimedia Fusion
Keyword :
unofficial fan game fangame
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Sonic the Hedgehog Classic (Alternative title)

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