Keiken Zero na Classmate

Release date : Oct 23, 2021 ( 2 years ago )

Your classmate Risa Hoshino is a bright student who treats everyone equally. Kazuma Masaki, who sits in the seat next to her, has fallen in love with her. Unable to control his feelings, Kazuma made up his mind to confess his feelings to her. But when he looks up, Risa is gone. As it turns out, Risa Hoshina is extremely shy! Even when he tries to chase after her, he cannot catch up to the former ace of the track and field team. With the help of Rina’s best friend and foul-mouthed classmate Mikumo Miyazono, Kazuma chases after her by all means possible… A hot day in the middle of summer. The runaway drama to hear her reply to your confession is about to begin.

Keiken Zero na Classmate
Platforms :
PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch
Theme :
Genre :
Visual Novel
Keyword :
nsfw version exist
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Alternative name :
経験ゼロなクラスメイト (Japanese title - original)

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