Musiic Party: Rock the House

Release date : Nov 2009 ( 13 years ago )

Musiic Party: Rock the House can turn any gathering into a party. A unique comic look combined with a dose of humour guarantees instant fun. In contrast to many other music games, the purchase of additional peripheral devices is not necessary because the entire game is controlled with the Nintendo Wiimote and Nunchuk. Whether bass guitar, lead guitar, or drums - the controls are always simple, comprehensible, and easy to learn so you can quickly and easily rock the night away. With a total of 30 rock tracks, Musiic Party: Rock the House offers a wide selection of styles within the genre. If you are into rock, Musiic Party will have something for you! The game can be played with up to three players, so you and your friends and family can feel like a real rock band. Several fun mini-games provide additional motivation for a short jam session now and then. Key Features: * 30 legendary rock tracks * Easy to pick up & play * 3 instruments: bass guitar, lead guitar, and drums * Exclusively designed for the Wii, using ist innovative control options * No peripherals required * Up to three players can jam simultaneously * Compelling story mode and fun mini-games * Fresh unique comic-style

Musiic Party: Rock the House
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뮤직 파티: 락 하우스 (Korean title) 音樂派對 搖滾房間(歐) (Chinese title - traditional) 音乐派对 轰动全场(欧) (Chinese title - simplified)

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