Kuukiyomi 3: Consider It More and More!! - Father to Son

Release date : Mar 18, 2021 ( 1 year ago )

Third time's a charm. This is a game that checks your ability to be considerate to attain happiness. The protagonist of this game is the first female ""YOU"" in the series. The basic rule of deciding what to do in situations by moving the red object on the screen is the same. But this time around, the sweet air of romance and drama envelope you more than in previous entries. An all new 100-question Consider It evaluation mode. A Consider It Together co-op evaluation mode. The basic modes of the series are all accounted for, such as Quick Consider It mode, which allows you to get a feel of the game. No matter who you are, you'll be sure to enjoy this game! Whether alone, with a friend, or with someone you fancy... You're sure to find things you'll want to consider.

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