Pokémon Infinite Fusion

Release date : Apr 22, 2015 ( 9 years ago )

Pokémon Infinite Fusion is based on the Pokémon fusion generator. Features - Pokémon Fusion: Every Pokémon can be fused with any other Pokémon. Each combination has a unique sprite, stats, movepool, Pokédex entry, and everything else you could expect from a Pokémon. 176,400 possible combinations: This allows you to get truly creative and have your own, truly unique team every playthrough. Every Pokémon from Generations 1 and 2, with their evolutions, as well as 101 Pokémon from Generations 3 to 7. Over 15,000 custom sprites made by the community. 16 Badges: Fight all 16 Gym Leaders from the Kanto and Johto regions Full Kanto region with extra areas and gen 4-5 inspired graphics Johto postgame: Continue your journey into the Johto region 3 years before the events of Gold and Silver. Sevii Islands postgame: Explore the Sevii Islands and find some exotic Pokémon Legendary Pokémon: 25 Legendary Pokémon to track down and catch Nicknaming Pokémon directly from the menu Over 40 Sidequests Rematch or trade with NPCs after battling them: Rematched NPCs become stronger each time and can eventually evolve their Pokémon. Fairy type Wonder Trade simulator Faster Day/Night system Trainer House: Take part in the trainer house challenge in Viridian City to battle against trainers with teams of completely random Pokémon to earn Trainer Points that you can spend on great prizes! Integrated speed up button Classic mode or Random mode Reversed mode: Special game mode that flips every trainer fusions

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