Cafe Cuillere

Release date : May 31, 2018 ( 5 years ago )

Fujishiro Mao is a second-year high school student who loves sweets and wants to be a Patisserie Chef. One day, she heard from her childhood friends Sakuma twins that their brother Itsuki (her first love crush) is returning to Japan from France. Itsuki whom is now a Patisserie Chef plans to open a cafe and Mao later finds out that Itsuki has a girlfriend whilst in France. Extremely heartbroken, Mao was going to throw away her years of Sweets tasting notes that were intended to be given to Itsuki but was stopped by her classmate Keita whom she lends the notes to. Keita comforted and encouraged Mao to continue to pursue her dream and that she should give the notes to Itsuki which later that night she did. The next morning she ran into Itsuki's friend Kyouhei who saw her notes and suggest she should start working at Cafe Cuillere and if possible bring in a few classmates due to lack of staffs. Slightly discomfort with the situation Mao asked Keita to join her on the part-time. Turns out the Sakuma twins and Ryousuke will also be working there too!

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