Olympia Soirée

Release date : Sep 09, 2021 ( 2 years ago )

When the 'White' girl dances the night fades away. Naming herself "Olympia" Like a doll she never smiles, Like a doll she always dances, The people both respect and fear her. On Tenguu Island, where "color" is more important than life, she has a color that nobody else has. Now that she has turned 18, in order for the rare "White" to not die out, she must go and look for a mating partner. "You who were born on Tennyo Island are special." "You can choose freely between men of any color on this island." The girl who had refused contact with the outside world because of a past incident believed in her dead mother's words and took a step forward. In order to find a person who can love her true self. In order to meet the other half of her soul she wishes for.

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