Mario Bros: Just For Fun (Super Battle Bros)

Release date : Jul 19, 2011 ( 12 years ago )

Mario Bros - Just For Fun: Super Battle Bros is an unofficial fan game. It is a fighting game. Having not been bothered by any sort of villain for a while, the Mario Brothers have been a bit bored. They, along with a mysterious clone of Luigi, are not really up for normal sports, so they decide to do something a bit different - fight! Features: - Loads of options - Customizable controls - Power-ups that can be combined - Sprite styles that adapt to the arena being played on - 3 game types - 11 battle arenas - Alternative arenas that can be found by holding the kick button and starting the fight on certain arenas - Up to three players if you have USB controllers - Extra AI options for when 3 fighters just isn't enough Game Types: - Slayer: Last man standing wins! - Coin Battle: First to collect a set amount of coins wins! - Score Attack: First to reach a set score wins!

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