Super Mario Bros. Dimensions 2

Release date : TBD

Super Mario Bros. Dimensions 2 is a fan game and the upcoming sequel to Super Mario Bros. Dimensions. Taking place after the end of the first game, the Mushroom Kingdom is intruded upon by the dangerous EVL Army, who steal the powerful ring that Bowser had used in the last game. Mario, Luigi and Polter are joined by an ex-EVL soldier named Eden to take back Princess Peach and the ring! There will be many levels with different missions to complete by finding Energy Drops. The game also aims at making Polter more involved, with him now being able to consume special fruits to give him powers to help Mario out. Power-ups such as Laser and Jetpack return, while the new Thorn power-up joins them, with other new power-ups still to come.

Super Mario Bros. Dimensions 2
Platforms :
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Theme :
Action Fantasy
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fan made unofficial mario fan game fangame mario fan game
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