Rune Factory 5

Release date : May 20, 2021 ( 3 years ago )

In the Kingdom of Norad, a girl wanders in the forest by herself. She is nearly attacked by a Wooly and screams. Lying on the ground nearby, the player wakes up without memories but realizes they to help the girl. They defeat the monsters and are escorted back to the girl's town, but collapses at the gate. While attempting to take a step out of town, Priscilla and Lucy witness this and rush over to help. The player wakes up at the clinic and meets Simone and Murakumo, revealing to both of them that they suffer from amnesia. Lucy is not sure if they should allow the player to stay, but her mother suggests they try the Soul Sphere. She goes to Seed Station and introduce them to Livia. As the player touches the Soul Sphere, it shines brightly, surprising everyone. Livia says that the player is not dangerous.

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