Trials of Mana

Release date : TBD

The story takes place in a fictional world where Mana represents an ethereal, but finite, energy source. Some time in the past, the Mana Goddess created the game's world by forging the powerful Sword of Mana and defeating eight monsters of destruction, the Benevodons —"God Beasts" in earlier translations— with it, sealing them within eight Mana Stones, before turning herself into the Mana Tree and falling asleep. The game is set at a time when Mana starts to fade and peace has ended, as several people plot to unleash the Benevodons from the stones so as to gain ultimate power.

Trials of Mana
Platforms :
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Super Famicom Satellaview
Theme :
Action Fantasy
Genre :
Shooter Platform Role-playing (RPG)
Keyword :
anime indie shoot 'em up magic sword fantasy health candy bullet hell role playing
Website :
Alternative name :
Seiken Densetsu 3 (Japanese title - romanization) 聖剣伝説3 (Japanese title - original) The Legend of the Sacred Sword 3 (Japanese title - translated) Secret of Mana 2 (Other Alias)

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