Release date : Aug 04, 2020 ( 3 years ago )

The year is 2120. Dr. Patel is the best physicist in human space. She has been studying enigmatic gravitational anomalies in the south pole of the Moon - but she was never prepared for what she’d find there. Ever since the War, the massive base under the lunar rock has laid derelict and forgotten. Its dead silence conceals something darker than the depths of Shackleton Crater. Something that was there centuries before the greedy ice miners, the idealistic pirates and the self-righteous corporations came in search of forbidden secrets. Secrets capable of covering the barren regolith in lush jungle, altering entire magnetospheres or deploying even more insidious effects. And now Patel is trapped on Luna, with nothing but her brains and her gravitoelectromagnetic gloves. She will have to navigate the mind-bending experiments left behind by Aegir Labs, while she tries to unravel the mysteries of the anomaly codenamed Relicta.

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