Mega Man Revolution

Release date : TBD

Mega Man Revolution is an unofficial fangame created by Fifth Independent. It features two playable characters: Mega Man and Bass, 8 original Robot Masters, an additional 8 Special Weapons which are unique for Mega Man and Bass, quite a few stage gimmicks and some original enemies as well as returning enemies. It is in 8-bit style, with meticulous attention paid to keeping it up with the limitations of the NES where even sprite flicker may be present (although this can be shut off in the options) and the soundtrack was made in Impulse Tracker, with the program OpenMPT. In 2015, the project was taken over by Sprites Inc and entitled as Mega Man Revolution Remix in order to improve the quality of the game, design-wise, graphically, and musically in addition to making Proto Man a playable character.

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